Episode 55 – Season 2 Starts Now!


Introducing “Season Two” of The Polishing Podcast! We have a new co-host in Ali! In this episode we talk about the garbage fire that is CW’s “Riverdale”, the new spongebob movie trailer, Scooby-Doo movie trailer, and a whole bunch of other random stuff. Hopefully you guys enjoy this episode cuz it was a lot of fun to record!

Episode 54 – The Ravings Of A Mad Man


So in this episode I talk about how Target is playing catch up to Amazon about ten years too late, how people are extremely unaware of what’s going on around them, and then we get into so weird sub genre rant that I didn’t even expect to be honest. Hope you enjoy this one!

Episode 52 – Super Hero Stuff Talk W/Ali


I wanted to talk super hero stuff so Ali (my wife) is joining me today! This is a long episode and we go back and forth about the under representation of women super heroes in the Marvel movies. (Damn us dirty liberals! Wait) We get into spoiler talk about Endgame, The Boys and the DC app’s The Doom Patrol, so if you haven’t seen any of those yet you have been warned!

Episode 50 – The Patreon Launch! Also Video Games


I’m back! I’m doing the thing! The podcast is on Patreon now and it’s exciting! I go over all the the benefits and tiers. The podcast is also going back to weekly uploads! Then after those bits of news we get in to some video game talk. Specifically about Control’s graphics, Borderlands 3, and Destiny 2’s New Light Free to play launch!