Polishing Podcast Episode #12 – I’m Having Deja Vu…

So this podcast is late. Like super late and it’s all my (Nicco’s) fault. We recorded an entire hour and half episode only for me to find out none of Trent’s audio was being picked up at all. So we had to do it all over again. We try to remember what we talked about on the first run through of this episode though we get a little side tracked as per usual. I do hope you guys enjoy it anyway and we’ll get the next one out on time, I promise!


3 thoughts on “Polishing Podcast Episode #12 – I’m Having Deja Vu…

  1. Hey guys, I was literally on the floor while listening to the podcast. Well, actually my cane slipped and down I went and couldn’t make it to my chair, so I had to listen to it from the floor. Well, that’s not what really happened, I ate a lethal taco and then gorged myself on case of chocolates and two pots of coffee and then I passed out.

    Nahh, you guys were great as always. I really love how you don’t sugar coat what you say, which to me, is very refreshing in these days of the internet PC patrol that wants to brow beat anyone who doesn’t follow their rules. Keep up the great job guys, and a super big thanks for the mention on here.

    By the way, after all of the swearing I heard on here, I have now converted into being a Jesuit priest. (lol)



  2. I have a confession to make, I am SatansAnus, btw satan’s anus is the bottom part of the banana that no-one eats. That reminds me, I would like you guys to discuss the positive side of AIDS (hey, I’m allowed to say that, because I live in South Africa-DON’T ARGUE WITH ME!) Also, you guys talking about vacations has aroused the following question within me: will any of you guys consider a vacation in South Africa?

    That being said I would like to leave you guys with the following shower thought: if you are older than thirty you were alive before any dog in the world


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