Polishing Podcast Episode #14 – The pre-pre-E3 Show


Come one come all, today we talk annoying youtube beginnings, LotR VS GoT immersion, Fallout 76, Pokemon Let’s Go, and our thoughts on Conan Exiles.


2 thoughts on “Polishing Podcast Episode #14 – The pre-pre-E3 Show

  1. Gentlemen gentlemen (I just had to say it), excellent podcast as usual, very informative. As for the bridge I was going to sell to you, heck, I’ll just give it to you guys for being such great sports(it also gets it out of my inventory, lol). As for Conan Exiles, I really enjoy how you both work so well with the other team players, you guys make it fun for not only the other players, but for those of us who are watching the stream. Just watch out if you create bows and arrows Nico, Pixie HATES archers(lol, a plug for TWA). Now, as for me going to the other sites to listen to the podcast? I would, but I’m lazy(sound familiar Nico?)……………………….GOTCHA again. I really will Nico, I just need to setup an account with them first(Hey, I’m old and slow, what can I say). Thanks guys.



  2. Hear ye! Hear ye!

    Alloweth t beest known that this podcast alone is the cure to any and all ailments, thus it is with great pleasure (of the non-sexual kind) that I maketh t known, that I, King Braedon Nicolas David III, declare this podcast sacred above all earthly things! These two ‘men’ are the spreaders of the sacred tongue! Brothers and sisters, we should unite against the unenlightened heathens (those fuck-trumpets who has’t not heard the truly awe-inspiring words emanating from this podcast) and show them the path to enlightenment, and if by any chance they refuse to come willingly (undoubtedly they will) we shall force enlightenment upon them!

    We have a God-willed duty to enlighten those less-fortunate than ourselves for does it not stand our sacred tomes? Thus I propound the following! I have consulted His Highness Pope Benedict Cumberbatch and with his blessings I say the following: I declare war eternal upon the heathens!

    Grab your swords! Grab your shields! Grab your bows and arrows! For we ride to war! Kill them all for God will recognise his own! We ride to war!



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