Episode #16 – The E3 2018 Show!

Here it is the E3 show! So I talk about a lot of the games shown at E3 and since Trent didn’t watch any of the E3 stuff it’s mostly me and to be honest a lot of the games don’t appeal to him and that’s okay! So if you like me then you get more of me, if you don’t then next week might be the podcast for you. I still hope you guys enjoy this one nonetheless!


2 thoughts on “Episode #16 – The E3 2018 Show!

  1. hey guys really good podcast again, still third on my list, but hey who knows you guys might raise on the list. anyway if the explicit gay stuff in assasins creed origins really comes, maybe its some content for the account of ‘Big Leather Daddy’. Also I still dont know who Nicco’s stalker is or was. i’ve waited some episodes but it didnt come by yet. so in conclusion keep up the good work, especially Siege cuz you guys are to funny in those vids. so keep me happy and polished and you will stay in my top three podcast list


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