Episode 25 -The Prince of Macedon is Here!

Our first ever guest on the podcast and it’s the OG Total War commentary content creator himself, The Prince Of Macedon! Unfortunately there was maintenance work being done in the apartment building I, (Nicco), live in so I couldn’t record without having to step away repeatedly and mute myself for long periods of time so I was not in this episode. But Trent/Apollo was here to save the day! They talk about Total War, how they currently feel on the series, where it’s come from, and just some general stuff about history as well! So if you have an interest in any of that then you’ll definitely like this episode!


2 thoughts on “Episode 25 -The Prince of Macedon is Here!

  1. Good podcast Pixie, I enjoyed the interaction between you two very much. Here is a little trivia for you Pixie. You had mentioned Gettysburg, and talked a little bit about Lee. Did you know that they had figured out that Lee had suffered a heart attack just a day or two before the battle, because in the records, they said he was very very sick and weak at that time. That is why he wasn’t at his best mentally at tactics, when it came to the last day of fighting.


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