Episode 26 – Nostalgia

So in this episode Trent is not here but we got Ali back! She’s technically the first guest of the podcast but Prince was the first guest we had to schedule to be on the Podcast. Anyway we talk about nostalgic things on this episode and have a fun time reminiscing about our childhoods and we hope you have a good time listening to it as well!


2 thoughts on “Episode 26 – Nostalgia

  1. Wow, not bad guys. I like to hear people reminiscing. Being the youngest of five boys, I would listen to everyone around me talk about the “good old days”. It was a good start to learning real history IMO. You both talked about the old bands(and weed(lol)) of my time and it did bring back some good memories, so thanks for that. Good job Nico and Ali.


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