Episode 28 -Violence in Movies, Archery, Charities, And Nutritional Facts

You can see from the title that we cover a wide variety of topics and that’s because we didn’t have a set one but I hope you guys enjoy this wide variety of topics!


4 thoughts on “Episode 28 -Violence in Movies, Archery, Charities, And Nutritional Facts

  1. Well done guys. A nice variety of topics on this one. One thing that I would like to clarify is, Cheerios are not wheat, they are oats. Myself, I stay away from any bread that has wheat in it, in fact, I started dropping weight after giving up wheat bread, and I now only eat rye and oat breads. As for nutrition in foods today, the nutritional value of our food has dropped to a very low level over the years, mainly because of what I call, our dead soil. It has been farmed to death, in other words, most of the good rich natural soil nutrients that plants need to feed on are gone, and we now chemically fertilize our grounds. So we are basically eating chemically grown food and GMOs. (And we wonder why we have over weight people, learning disabilities, heart problems(even in healthy looking people), and low immune systems just to name a few things)


    1. Yeah I’ve heard about that too. Seems like over the years the nutritional value in crops have decreased. Crops had a higher nutritional value in like 1950s.

      It reminds me of Interstellar


  2. Great podcast, by the way I really am going to work on a erotic fan faction but I don’t have much time as now plus I failed my math test and my mom beat me with a stick. Anyways Bush did 9/11 and stay polished


  3. Hey guys, juicy ‘cast. I’d just like to drop my reptilian opinion on why people don’t shoot deer in the noggin. I deer hunt moderately so I have experience with the topic. First of all, shooting a deer in the head just seems over kill. I use a muzzleloader which launchs a pretty big bullet- meaning big brainy splats. A heart or lung shot, which is where you’re taught to aim in hunting courses, is perfectly humane in the sense of time it takes to die. Secondly, it’s a bit harder to hit a deers head compared to the central area of its chest when facing broadside. Lastly we hunt for meat and for trophy, it’s part of the culture. I don’t cut the head off and leave the body for the maggots. Sorry i went mega-morphing keyboard warrior on you guys, i just wanted to throw in my two cents. P.s. have fun reading Martin’s and this comment.


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