Episode 32 – Deal Breakers In Games and Fallout 76 Hype

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4 thoughts on “Episode 32 – Deal Breakers In Games and Fallout 76 Hype

  1. Ho there, fellow homo sapiens sapiens! You may not remember me… My name is Braedon (obviously as my username states), ya know the fucking weird-ass South African from a few months back (the one that tried to speak Shakespearean English)

    Anyways, I regretfully announce that I have commited the biggest sin against God: I have not listened to ye olde podcast for a few months. I hope that I shall pickup that habit once again, but first I must apologise for my sinful absence. Can ye forgive my sins and make me a whole man once more?

    Now for a suggested topic. How does the school system work in ye olde states of America? In South Africa it works as follows: Gr. 1-7 is Primary school (Gr. 1-3 being the Juniors and the Gr. 4-7 being the Seniors). You enter Gr. 1 at the age of 7 and leave Primary school at the age of 13 (if everything goes as planned). Gr. 1-3 you go to class at one teacher for the whole year per grade. Gr. 4-7 you rotate your classes according to a roster of subjects, but the members of the class are the same. You go to Secondary school (more commonly known as High school) at Gr. 8 (when you’re 14) and leave at Gr. 12 (when you’re 18 – aka when you can legally drink and watch pornography, ya know like a man of culture). Gr. 8-9 works the same as Gr. 4-7 in regards to class structure and rotation of classes. Gr. 8-9 are the Juniors, the Gr. 10-11 are the Senieors and the Gr. 12’s are known as “matrics”. When you reach Gr. 10 you have 2 choices… Or you voluntarily leave the school to pursue a career or you can continue your studies at school. When you choose the latter option the school provides you with a list of subjects and you can choose any amount you want (with a minimum of 7 subjects and 4 of those 7 being compulsory subjects, usually 2 languages, maths or maths literacy and life orientation (where you learn about sex and other useless shit). From there you get divided into a registration class (mostly for administrative purposes), but, depending on the subject you chose, your classemates change. So you can have English with John, afterwards you can have Biology with Sam. When the Gr. 8’s enter the High school there is a 2 week program that has to be followed, basically just the Gr. 8’s being tortured by the Gr. 12’s (in order to show them they’re not the bigshots in the school anymore).
    In Gr. 7 and 12 there is an election to chose a handful of leaders (known as prefects – akin to the Roman Praefectors). School takes place from January – March (Term 1), April – June (Term 2), July – September (Term 3) and October – November (Term 4). December is our summer vacation.

    And if you’re wondering… I’m in Gr. 12 now… So almost done with this shit.


  2. Old Fallout games had voice acting for certain characters and while the ghouls didn’t sound quite like they did in 3 and New Vegas, they had raspy voices mostly. You should play 1 and 2, they’re two of the best rpgs ever made.


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