Episode 39 – This One Gets Dark


Oh this one ends in a weird place. But before that we talk games, movies, music and some aliens cuz why not!

2 thoughts on “Episode 39 – This One Gets Dark

  1. Hey Trent, I heard that you did some voice acting in one of DaleyTactic’s videos, how was that? And I feel kinda bad for me mostly talking about stuff only Nicco would know. What is your favorite episode Dan Carlin has done in his hardcore history podcast? My favorite are the WW1 episodes. And what is your favorite accent and what is your favorite commercial? Also, I just want to thank Nicco for recommending dynamic banter. Thank you so much man. Hopefully this comment doesn’t fuck up again like last time, and to answer your question I honestly have no idea why and how that was fucking up for me last time, how do I delete that comment or edit my comment so my name doesn’t show up, and how the hell do I comment on Pod bean? I can’t figure that out for the life of me. Have a good one!


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