Episode 50 – The Patreon Launch! Also Video Games


I’m back! I’m doing the thing! The podcast is on Patreon now and it’s exciting! I go over all the the benefits and tiers. The podcast is also going back to weekly uploads! Then after those bits of news we get in to some video game talk. Specifically about Control’s graphics, Borderlands 3, and Destiny 2’s New Light Free to play launch!


Episode 48 – Self Care, Self Improvement, and Serious Talk with Moggi


Moggi comes back and we have a serious conversation about self care and self betterment. This is less jokes then any episode before so if you don’t listen I understand but I think you should give it listen because there might be something in here that helps you in improving yourself. It could be as little as making your bed or something as grand as applying for that dream job but I hope you do something nice for yourself.

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